Audit and SEO - website optimization

SEO optimization is an effective tool for promoting a website and increasing its ranking in the main search engines, which helps to attract more potential customers and increase the number of sales.

ВYou have made a modern site with a unique design, spent a lot of time and resources, but site traffic does not exceed 30 people per day. Why is this happening?

The fact is that search engines do not see your site for one reason or another and therefore it is not in the search results list, or the position is far from the first pages in the search results. We will help improve the quality of the site, make it user-friendly, more informative and thus more attractive and relevant to search engines.

SEO, search engine optimization is a whole range of tools and measures designed to increase the position of the site in the search results. We will conduct a detailed analysis of the site and, based on this, draw up a clear plan for optimizing and developing the resource, following which we will achieve the goal - we will bring the site to the top 10.

Basic steps for website optimization and search engine promotion

Audit site and competitors

Usability analysis, technical and software verification, including mobile adaptation, assessment of content quality and resource visibility. Analysis of competitor sites in the top

Internal Optimization

Meta tags, improving the behavioral factor by eliminating technical shortcomings identified during the audit. Timely adaptation of the site to new requirements and search engine algorithms

SEO copywriting and quality content

Content should be unique, useful, natural, expert, and optimized. Selection and implementation of key queries, writing articles, optimizing and expanding existing content

External Optimization

Step-by-step building of the link mass, site promotion with links from other web resources

Website optimization results

Yes, indeed, SEO does not have instant results. The first real results can be seen not earlier than in 2-3 months, but in the end a long-term effect is obtained.

AAnd so, a comprehensive and versatile approach to SEO-optimization of the site will lead to:

  • increasing positions in search results for targeted queries;
  • ncreasing the number of user clicks from organic and external links
  • increase in potential customers and website conversion;
  • positive change in user behavioral factors.

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