Online store with advanced functionality

Full-featured and convenient online store with workflow automation and integration with CRM

Development of an advanced online store website using a bunch of CMS Wordpress, Woocommerce and VtigerCrm.

Wordpress - is the world's most popular website engine (more than 30% of websites). It has a clear and simple administrative panel.

Woocommerce - is a plugin (add-on) for Wordpress for creating and managing an online store. More than 20% of online stores in the world are powered by Woocommerce.

VtigerCrm - is an open source customer relationship management system. In addition to the main CPM function, the project is supposed to use VtigerCrm to automate communications with customers and automate processes.

This proposal provides for the creation of an online store with powerful functionality and its integration with VtigerCrm and 1C, full customization of all auto processes, content creation and website content. It also provides integration with the site and setting up a landing page designer.

Steps to create an online store

Analysis of the market and your company

At the very beginning of the development of an online store, we perform a detailed analysis of the market, business, competitors and the needs of the target audience. Based on the data obtained, we form a vision of the design and functionality of the online store, form the concept of the project. We discuss the details of work with the customer and make joint decisions.

Engineering and design

In accordance with the developed concept of the online store, we prescribe the structure of the site and draw an individual and unique design that matches the subject of the goods and the expectations of your potential customers.


According to the developed design, we create a fast and working on different devices online store. We integrate it with the CRM system, fill it with products, create and place content, set up SEO.


Following the wishes of the customer, we are implementing automation of work processes in the online store, the main purpose of which is to reduce the cost of employees' working time by reducing the time spent on updating the product catalog and processing orders from customers.

What functionality should an online store have?

By ordering an advanced online store from us, you can be sure that it will have the following features and options:

Functionality of an advanced online store

Catalog filters for any product characteristics, powerful marketing functionality and a convenient online store control panel.

Full-featured personal customer accounts and convenient ordering

Personal client accounts with wish lists, the ability to inform the client about the availability or price reduction of goods, the function to repeat the order, as well as convenient and quick ordering.

Filling the website of the online store with content

In the process of developing an advanced online store, we will fill the product catalog and create all the necessary content: descriptions of categories and brands, legend and description of the company, descriptions of delivery methods and payment methods, etc.

Automation of the online store

Automation of the main processes of the online store will free you and your employees from the daily routine and help you concentrate on more important issues. We can automate the updating of prices and assortment of goods, the processing of purchases from suppliers, work with abandoned carts and delivery services.

Accounting system integration with VtigerCRM and website

If your company uses an accounting program, it makes sense to set up synchronization with VtigerCRM and the website. We can set up automatic synchronization between the accounting system and the online store.

Cost of development of an advanced online store

The cost of development depends on many factors, but the main ones are the market in which you work, the number of products, categories and brands that you are going to sell through an online store. In order for us to calculate the cost of your project, contact us using the button «Order a consultation» or in any other way convenient for you :)

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