Online store with simple functionality + CRM

Integration of an online store with CRM will allow you to quickly find information on customer relationships and better control the work of the store.

The "Simple + CRM" package includes all the functionality of a simple online store and added functionality that allows you to automate typical operations and processes in everyday work.

  • + VtigerCrm Integration
  • + Automating the work of an online store
  • Compliance with SEO optimization rules when developing a website..

The basic functionality of VtigerCrm allows you to quickly and conveniently search and segment contacts, orders, products and other types of records. There is a saving of filter settings in CRM and lists for later quick access to them. If necessary, you can upload all types of records from CRM to Excel spreadsheets.

SMS and e-mail

Send an SMS or e-mail to a client directly from the order or contact card.

To notify customers about special offers and promotions, you can send SMS and e-mail distributions to the contact database or the desired segment of the database (for example, customers from Kyiv, or customers whose birthday is this month).

Sending SMS is carried out through the providers of this service at their rates.

Store automation

Automating the main processes of the online store will free you and your employees from the daily routine and help you concentrate on more important issues. We can automate the updating of prices and assortment of goods, the processing of purchases from suppliers, work with abandoned carts and delivery services.

Automation Directions for a Simple Online Store

  • Uploading price lists by suppliers – you just need to upload files with price lists for different suppliers, the system will put them in the processing queue and update the prices and assortment of goods in the online store and CRM according to the schedule. The progress of operations can be viewed in reports. It is possible to automate the formation of a margin on goods according to specified rules. For example, you can set different markups for different product categories, brands, and other features.
  • Automated updating of prices and assortment of goods by importing from the accounting system.
  • Automated handling of abandoned cart customers - CRM is able to send automated e-mail and SMS to customers who have abandoned carts.
  • Abandoned cart site visitors who haven't made an order or signed up yet can be shown messages offering discounts, gifts, and more. on the site pages.
  • Integration with delivery services - automate the creation, registration and printing of CMR consignment note directly from CRM. In this case, the CMR consignment note fields are automatically filled in with data from the sales order. Obtaining up-to-date information about the parcel and saving it in the order card. To find out where the package is located or whether the client took it, you just need to go to the order card of the CRM system and see..
  • Purchase automation - in the CRM system, you can create purchase orders from suppliers with one click. The data for the formation of the purchase is taken from customer orders with the "Accepted" status. CRM generates purchases automatically for different suppliers.

The cost of developing a simple online store + integration and configuration of VtigerCRM

The cost of development depends on many factors, but the main ones are the market in which you work, the number of products, categories and brands that you are going to sell through an online store. In order for us to be able to calculate the cost of your project, contact us using the button «Order a consultation» or in any other way convenient for you :)

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