Online stores

We create convenient online stores

Simple online store

Everything you need for a successful small online store.

  • Convenient product catalog
  • Fast and convenient ordering
  • Automatic E-mail notifications for customers and store staff
  • Simple marketing features
  • Personal account of the client with only the necessary functions
  • Filling the catalog of goods online store
  • Reviews in products
  • Integration with any accounting system (updating prices and assortment of goods according)
  • Compliance with the rules of SEO optimization when developing a site.

Online store with simple functionality + CRM

Integration of an online store with CRM will allow you to quickly find information on customer relationships and better control the work of the store.

Online store with advanced functionality

The "Advanced" package includes all the functionality from the "Simple" and "Simple + CRM" packages, but provides important improvements and features that allow you to fine-tune the sales system in the store and get more information about your customers. Also, by ordering an advanced online store from us, you will receive a fully SEO-prepared website filled with high-quality and interesting content.

  • Advanced marketing functions and sales technologies
  • Advanced customer account (wishlists, product comparison, multiple addresses)
  • Product reviews and customer reviews of the store
  • Filling the product catalog with images and text descriptions, filling in all parameters and characteristics
  • Development of unique content for category pages, brands and its visualization, SEO preparation
  • Integration with VtigerCrm and accounting system
  • Import and update products and prices according to suppliers' prices and from the accounting system
  • Maximum automation of the online store
  • Careful SEO optimization of the catalog and site pages in the development process.