Mobile website adaptation

Correct website display on all types of mobile devices

Website adaptation for mobile devices, whether it is needed - you decide

Today, if your site is not adapted for mobile devices, it is safe to say that you are losing more than 50% of traffic and potential buyers. And if you have an online store, then the absence of a mobile version will lead to the loss of 70-90% of customers, since, according to sociological surveys, that is how many people make purchases from mobile devices.

What is important for the user:

  • fast loading website,
  • convenient navigation;
  • scaling text and images;
  • ease of performing the intended action.

If it is convenient for a visitor to work with the site, find the necessary information or goods, and also place an order, then the probability that he will become your client definitely increases. In addition, starting from July 2018, search engines give preference to adaptive sites, providing them with higher positions in the search.

How to check the mobile adaptation of the site

There are several options for how to independently check the adaptability:

  1. Access your website from your phone or tablet and you will understand everything. Small text, “broken” layout, incomprehensible menu, interactive elements are located too close - signs of a lack of optimization for mobile devices.
  2. Take advantage of online services. One of the simplest is an online tool from Google - Google Search Console

Basic approaches to mobile adaptation

Responsive web design

Based on flexibility and functionality. In this case, an adaptive layout of the site is used, in which the content and the entire structure of the site adjusts to different screen resolutions. The advantage of this approach is one site address - url, as well as high page indexing efficiency, since there is only one version of the content, and each page is indexed only once, which is what search engines like.

Mobile version of the site

This is a separate site with a separate url-address - subdomain "m.". As a rule, this is a stripped down version of the desktop version. It differs in design and is more simplified. If your site is outdated in appearance and functionality, the mobile version is a good alternative, as a separate design and functionality is being developed for it. The mobile version of the site requires separate support and development.

If you order a new site in our web studio, then we do mobile adaptation by default. If you have a website, then based on the analysis, we offer the best option for you.

For an online store, a good alternative is to develop a separate mobile application, that works in conjunction with the site.

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