Contextual advertising

An effective way to promote the site by attracting the target audience

In simple words, contextual advertising is advertising in the Google search engine, as well as on partner sites, which is displayed in the search based on the user's key queries or on thematic sites.

The use of this type of Internet advertising allows you to quickly establish a stable influx of traffic, which consists mainly of the target audience, which means it will bring profit to your company. With the right settings, ads will be shown only to potential customers who are interested in your product or service, including taking into account demographic data and distribution region.

Who is suitable for website promotion using contextual advertising

  1. Online store. Настройка рекламы возможна как на конкретный товар, так и на категорию товаров, бренд, производителя и т.д.
  2. Services websiteг, corporate website. Advertising is set up separately for each service, the most relevant landing pages and target queries are selected
  3. Landing. For a landing page, whether it is a separate product, service or a specific event, broad semantics are selected. An ad is customized for each key request, which allows you to cover a wide semantic core and increase the effectiveness of advertising campaigns..

Contextual advertising is an excellent tool to quickly create a new base of potential customers, and also helps to expand an existing one.

The main advantages of contextual advertising

  1. Pay only for going to your site
  2. Attract visitors to your site who are interested in your product or service
  3. Advertising starts working from the first day of launch
  4. The ability to analyze and control the effectiveness of advertising campaigns after a short period of time.
  5. High efficiency compared to offline advertising sources.

Basic tools for setting up contextual advertising

Contextual advertising on Google provides an excellent opportunity for every business to promote their services and expand the scope of their activities. This is one of the tools to promote the site as a whole.

Search advertising

Displayed directly in Google search as a text ad. Shown only to those users who are looking for your products or services by setting a specific key query

Display advertising

Displayed on the thematic sites of the Goolge partner network as an advertisement or banner. Shown to the audience according to the targeting settings


ОDisplayed on the thematic sites of the Goolge partner network as an advertisement or banner. It is shown to an audience that has already visited your site, viewed a particular service or product. The best way to return a user and sell a service or product, re-sell and re-sell.

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