Mobile application - water delivery

We can create a mobile application for your water delivery service, which will have a user-friendly interface, unique design and all the functionality your customers need.

Ordering water delivery in a mobile application

The main functionality of the application for the water delivery service:

water delivery app functionality
  • Option to select the number of bottles 18.9 liters
  • Calculation of the deposit amount for a container
  • Management of delivery addresses - the ability to select an address from the list previously used for ordering water delivery and add a new address. The list of previously used addresses is updated according to the client's data in the CRM system or in the personal account on the company's website. If a new address is added, it is also saved in the CRM or on the site
  • Choose the date and time of water delivery in accordance with company rules

«Quick order» for water delivery in a mobile application

«Quick order» - is one of the advantages of the mobile application, with which your regular customers can order water as quickly and conveniently as possible.

Ability to quickly repeat the last order.

Your customer just needs to launch the app and click the "Repeat last order" button on the start screen. And according to the data from the previous order of the client, a basket will be formed, the address and time of the order will be pulled up, the date will automatically be set for tomorrow.

The client only needs to click the "Checkout" button and the order will go to the CPM or other system that you use to process orders.

Implementation of various marketing techniques

Additionally, you can implement various marketing techniques, such as:

mobile app marketing
  • «I order for the first time» - the client receives two bottles for the price of UAH 1.
  • «Gift pump» - a gift pump is added to the customer's cart.
  • «Every 10th bottle is free» - if a customer ordered 9, 19, etc. bottles of water in the order history, one bottle is added to the cart for free
  • Various other promotions for water delivery company customers upon request.

Authorization and registration in the mobile application

mobile app registration

The application should be built so that you only need to log in the first time you run it. The application remembers information about the user and in order to “Exit” the application, you need to go to the “Client Profile” and press the appropriate button. In application development, we use this principle, but at the request of the customer, we can use other logic.

Authorization and registration of users in the mobile application will work in conjunction with your CPM system or website. If your existing customer uses the app, they will be able to use the same username and password that they use on your website. Client identification is possible by phone number or client number in your database.

Store - catalog of related products

Store - catalog in app

In the "Shop" section, the entire catalog of additional products that your service offers will be presented. Any product can be added to the order basket and ordered with water delivery. The application directory is automatically synchronized with your company website.

Frequently encountered related products and equipment offered by water delivery services:

  • Mineral and drinking water in small containers (from 0.5 to 2 liters)
  • Soft drinks
  • Tea and coffee
  • Water coolers (for sale and rent), water dispensers and stands, pumps and accessories
  • Disposable tableware

All this can be placed in the mobile application directory.

Shopping cart and checkout

settings for ordering water delivery in the mobile app

The shopping cart of the mobile application displays a list of goods selected by the client, their quantity, cost and the total amount of the order. A quick transition to the shopping cart can be done by clicking the icon in the upper right corner of the application screens. Another location of the "Cart" icon is also possible, for example, in the bottom bar with the mobile application menu.

settings for ordering water delivery in the mobile app

From the shopping cart, you can go to the order settings, where the client can manage the delivery address, time and date of delivery, as well as other functions related to ordering.

Order history

The Order History screen will allow mobile app users to view a list of their orders and information about each order. Your customer can repeat any of the orders in the history using the "Repeat order" function.

By ordering from us, you will receive a mobile application for phones and tablets, published and ready to work on Apple iOS and Android platforms.

  • Unique design to match your company's corporate identity
  • Integration with CRM or other system and website
  • Marketing tools

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