Simple online store

Everything you need for a successful small online store.

Website development for a simple online store using CMS Wordpress and Woocommerce. More than 20% of online stores in the world operate on the basis of this configuration. The reason for this lies in the popularity of Wordpress and its clear and simple admin panel, as well as the ability to quickly add the required functionality by connecting plugins.

This proposal provides for the integration of an online store with an accounting system and filling the site with content.

Stages of work when creating an online store


Before starting work, we conduct analysis of the market, your competitors, study the needs of your target audience.


After the design is ready and approved by the customer, we proceed to development of an online store. We create a structure, connect the necessary libraries, stretch the design.


Upon completion of the online store development process, we fill the online store with goods, place other content, set up SEO.

And in conclusion we carefully test the functionality of the online store and check the correctness of the display on various devices, eliminate the identified shortcomings and hand over the project to the customer.

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A simple online store that you can order from us will have a convenient and intuitive interface, a unique design and have all the necessary basic functionality.

Header of a simple online store website

The header must have an interactive menu containing links to the main sections of the site and navigation through categories and brands of the catalog. Additional menus in the header with a basket of goods and a link to your personal account or links to register and enter the online store. It is obligatory to have a search in the header of the site for the catalog of goods and the site as a whole.

Main page of the online store

The main page in the online store should serve as a showcase, promotional offers, sales and a showcase of goods should be presented. The slider at the top of the homepage does a great job of informing visitors about current promotions and special offers.

After the slider it is possible to place the following blocks:

  • New items in the product catalog
  • Products on sale
  • Bestsellers
  • Category rubricator
  • Business clients
  • Delivery
  • Payment
  • 2-3 semantic blocks telling about the store and its advantages, loyalty program, benefits of cooperation with the company.
  • Store news

Inner pages of a simple online store


The basis of any online store is a product catalog with categories, brands, filters and sorting by various parameters. For a simple online store, we can implement filters only by the main parameters, such as weight, color, cost. And also filter by price and filter by discounted products (sale).

Product page

The product page or product card should display a short and complete product description, its name and article, and also have blocks with parameters (characteristics), if the product is presented in several colors, color options with a choice. Since customers want to see what they are buying, it is essential to have a product image and, if possible, an image gallery for each product.

The standard set for a product page in a simple online store also includes rated product reviews and a block similar products.

Simple marketing functionality of an online store

  • Display price with discount
  • Ability to launch an action with a time limit and a timer message
  • Discount coupon mechanism (promotional codes)

In addition to the catalog of goods on the website of the online store, you need pages of news / promotions with a rubricator and tags, a page about the store, pages with a description of payment and delivery methods, a page with contact information and a map of the store's location. The ability to display buttons to share on social networks and blocks with user comments on the internal page of any type.

On the pages of the site, we always provide for the presence of several call-to-action blocks (registration in the loyalty program, subscription to news). If desired, blocks can be turned on or off in the site's admin control panel.

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Place an order should be simple and not scare off a potential buyer. In a simple online store, we offer only the required set of fields:

  • fields with personal and contact data required for ordering
  • selecting the method of delivery and payment for the order
  • the ability to apply a promotional code (coupon) and get a discount

If desired, the client has the opportunity to create an account to enter his personal account when placing an order. To do this, you just need to check the "Create an account" box.

Payment methods and methods available in a simple online store

  • Cash on delivery
  • Cash to courier
  • LiqPay - online card payment, merchant registration required
  • - online payment by card, seller registration required

Payment via Privat24 is also available with automatic sending of details and payment amount to the client via SMS and e-mail.

It is possible to connect other payment systems upon request.

Personal account

In packages for developing online stores without integration with a CRM system, only a simple personal account is provided, where the client can view and change their personal data and delivery address, view the list your orders. If you need additional functionality contact us or consider creating advanced online store.

Filling the product catalog

If you contact us and place an order for a simple online store, we will completely fill the product catalog and carry out SEO preparation of product pages.

  1. Search for text descriptions and characteristics of goods, placement in product cards.
  2. Search and upload product images (main and if there are additional ones for the gallery)
  3. Minimum detailing of product parameters for the ability to set filters on them in the product catalog. (For example: weight, volume, color)
  4. Quantity of goods 3000 pcs. If you have a lot more products, then the cost of filling the catalog should not increase significantly, since the loading of text data and images will occur automatically using programs specially written for this. Contact us with information by the range of products, categories and brands in your catalog to get an accurate calculation of the cost of the project.

Store automation

For a simple online store, automation of updating the range of goods and prices on the site by importing from the accounting system and setting up E-mail notifications is available.

E-mail notifications

Customers receive notifications - letters when registering, placing an order and changing the order status.

Shop staff also receive various E-mail notifications:

  • Order created
  • Product out of stock or running out of stock

It is possible to configure notifications for other events.

If you need more powerful functionality for automating processes in online commerce, we advise you to consider packages for creating simple shop + CRM or advanced online store. Also, when ordering a simple online store from us, you can always order a revision for automation or integration with CRM or any service later.

The cost of developing a simple online store

The cost of development depends on many factors, but the main ones are the market in which you work, the number of products, categories and brands that you are going to sell through an online store. In order for us to be able to calculate the cost of your project, contact us using the button «Order a consultation» or in any other way convenient for you :)

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This does not oblige you to anything.
After sending the application, we will contact you within an hour.

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