Filling the website of the online store with content

In the process of developing an advanced online store, we will fill the product catalog and create all the necessary content: descriptions of categories and brands, legend and description of the company, descriptions of delivery methods and payment methods, etc.

In the process of developing an advanced online store for you, we will fill the product catalog with high quality and create all the necessary content::

  • Category Descriptions
  • Brand Descriptions
  • Company legend and description
  • Descriptions of delivery and payment methods

All content created by us will be unique, visualized with pictograms, graphics, images and SEO prepared. A thorough SEO optimization of all pages of the online store website will also be carried out.

Filling the catalog of goods online store

Especially for your store, a script will be written to update the product catalog according to the price lists of the suppliers you work with. Downloading a price list to update the site catalog will not require any manipulations with Excel, etc. Also, the script will be able to find text descriptions, characteristics and images for new products, and place them in product cards in your online store.

Search and upload product images (main and if there are additional ones for the gallery)

The maximum possible specification of product parameters will allow you to set filters on them in the product catalog, using which customers will be able to select exactly the products they need from the catalog.

Also, you will be able to update the range and prices of goods according to the accounting system or from any other suitable source of data on goods and prices.

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