Mobile application: water delivery TM «Aquabalance»

A mobile application for ordering drinking water delivery allows you to register as a client of companies and place an order for the delivery of water and additional products.

The main functionality of the mobile application:

  1. Client authorization - if the user has already ordered water TM "Aquabalance" on the site or in the mobile application, he can use the already registered phone number and the existing password.
  2. New customer registration, if the user orders for the first time, he can register directly in the app.
  3. Shop - a catalog of additional products that can be added to the order basket and ordered with water delivery. The application catalog contains all categories of additional products:
    • Mineral and drinking water in small containers (from 0.5 to 2 liters)
    • Soft drinks
    • Water coolers, water dispensers and stands, pumps and accessories
    • Disposable tableware
  4. Basket – provides an opportunity to view the goods selected for the order, change the number of goods and place an order.
  5. Water delivery settings - the application allows you to specify the delivery address or select it from the list of addresses to which the client has previously placed an order through the website or mobile application. Also, the application user can choose a convenient date and time of delivery. When ordering water delivery for the first time, you can mark “I order for the first time” and, according to the terms of the promotion for new customers, receive two bottles of water for 1 UAH.
  6. Repeat order - the customer can repeat his last water delivery order by simply clicking the "Repeat last order" button on the first screen of the application.
  7. Order history - a list of customer orders made through the application or website with the ability to repeat any order.

Platforms iOS and Android.

Screenshots of the mobile application - water delivery «Aquabalance»

Login page

Mobile application for water delivery


Mobile application - water delivery

Product Screen

Mobile app product screen


Basket in mobile app, water delivery settings

Special offers

Special offers in the mobile application

Installing the application - water delivery «Aquabalance»

Mobile application for ordering water delivery ТМ «Aquabalance» is available for Android phones and tablets, as well as for iPhone and iPad.

Get application - water delivery ТМ «Aquabalance»

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